Document Workstations

With the advent of new Health and Safety regulations throughout the European Community requiring more stringent attention to employee health care, the UK Crown Records Departments have taken a lead in setting specific operator safety requirements in conservation of documents.

Document workstations are available as:

  • Deluxe or Economy version
  • Choice of mobile workstation, as opposed to a fixed unit with ductwork
  • Bespoke units can be designed to any size or specification

Bassaire, in consultation with conservation specialists, has designed a workstation that, conforming to ISO 14644, will contain the debris and fungal spores emitted during the processes of conservation. According to research, some 136 types of fungi are harmful to people and archives. Of these, 18 are thought to cause a range of irritations and diseases including disorders of the respiratory tract, the mucous membrane, even tuberculosis, and can possibly cause disorders of the liver, mycoses and abscesses. The Bassaire document workstation affords full access for delicate work as well as maximum protection for the operator.

The document workstation consists of a stainless steel work area, bordered by perforated ducts and gutters into which all debris is evacuated under exhaust, to be trapped, pending safe disposal, in 'quick change' HEPA filters housed immediately beneath the work area. The suction velocity is fully adjustable and a magnehelic gauge provides indication of filter state.