Custom laminar flow cabinet

Product case study: Vibration isolation cabinet

The custom built vibration isolation horizontal airflow cabinet is a variation on our successful P-Range cabinets providing ISO Class 4 and 5 air cleanliness conditions.

This particular unit is of extended height (730mm high) for use with a high resolution camera attached microscope. The cabinet is isolated from the microscope stand by providing a separate worktop and stand for the microscope thus removing the possibility of any cabinet induced vibration.

Bassaire also create larger work top cut outs for enclosing high specification anti-vibration systems that use a four leg active suspension. These can support high loads up to 650kg. The vibraplane vibration isolation system eliminates both cabinet and building vibrations.

The application of these cabinets also includes high resolution weighing or dispensing equipment and, if required, the units can be manufactured in a reverse flow mode to provide operator protection.

Bassaire design and manufacture cabinets and enclosures to meet client’s specific applications. Our own in-house manufacturing provides us with a flexible capability to respond to such requests.