150m² NHS Aseptic Pharmacy Suite

Cleanroom case study: Blackpool Victoria Hospital

A General requirement to upgrade the existing non compliant pharmacy aseptic suite in the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Hospital was established.

Bassaire were awarded the contract to design, build, commission and validate the suite, following a strict tender process where experience, cost, quality, value engineering, management and design capability were extensively reviewed.

The suite successfully operates as a grade C background in the 4-Cytotoxic and CIVAS isolator rooms, the necessary changing rooms and support areas. The HVAC plant has been selected and designed for future proofing to allow the facility to operate to a grade B standard if and when required.

Due in part to the recent integration of Bassaire and Envair, the planning, co-ordination and plant operation progressed seamlessly.

Angela Nelson stated that she is very pleased with the project and will definitely be recommending Bassaire to other Trusts. She went on to state a special thank you should go to Martin Doherty, the site supervisor, for the way he has managed the project:

" He has been helpful, authoritive, and generally made sure the project has run smoothly. "

Angela Nelson, Assistant Director of Pharmacy
Support Services Pharmacy Department

" The Trust have take possession of an excellent facility, completing the project within very tight timescales. "

Craig Tilley
Aseptic and Technical Services Manager