ISO class 7 compounding suite with ISO class 8 background areas

Cleanroom case study: Baxter Healthcare (Christie Unit)

  • Total Facility Floor Area: 980m²
  • Cleanroom Area: 345m²
  • General office / Admin Area: 635m²

This facility comprised of an ISO 7 cleanroom suite housing a Compounding room where rapid gassing isolators carried out the compounding of quick prescription cytotoxic drugs. The surrounding back up areas, comprising of labels/docs/release, preparation and change rooms were all to ISO 8.

In addition to the cleanroom construction, Bassaire were involved totally in the construction of the Administration support areas required to support the cleanroom, which are generally comprised of standard office partitioning, electrics and HVAC.

Some major design consideration of this facility were: - a) the full walk on ceiling over the cleanroom suite, offering excellent maintenance access to routine items such as light fittings, plant items, etc. which allows maintenance to continue without any impact on the operation of the cleanroom, and b) the provision of essential electrical supplies should the mains power supply to the facility be lost. This was provided by a stand by generator and UPS back up.