ISO class 6 medical device facility

Cleanroom case study: Scapa UK

This 380m² cleanroom was awarded to Bassaire after a competitive tender process where Bassaire could demonstrate innovative designs together with excellent value for money.

The cleanroom has an inherent duty standby design such that the client could maintain room conditions with up to 30% plant failure.

Cleverly this design did not have a cost premium but gives the customer total confidence should it be used for a 24 hr per day manufacturing.

" One of the reasons Bassaire was selected was their knowledge and experience in designing such facilities and their general approach to the project.

Rather than progress the most convenient clean room for the contractor to build, they always considered the clients final requirements and would suggest alternative options. They also dedicated a project engineering manager which ensured that communication channels were clear and produced drawings in good time showing all build and services details.

Their general approach was to work with the client, rather than in a confrontational manner which led to a very successful clean room being commissioned. "

Peter Young
Engineering Manager, Scapa UK Ltd