ISO class 7 medical device cleanroom

Cleanroom case study: LiDCO

LiDCO is a company providing non-invasive heart monitoring equipment using a special patented sensing device that senses the lithium content of the patient's bloodstream.

Bassaire had originally constructed a research cleanroom for LiDCO some 7 years previously and were asked with others to provide a complete solution to expand not just the cleanroom but the production, storage office and canteen facilities.

An opportunity arose which had allowed the client to obtain a long lease on an adjoining property, which by any stretch of the imagination had been created in a 'topsy' add on manner. The project was interesting to say the least and our experiences have been extended to removal of asbestos, flat roofing, drains, demolition and damp removal!

The ergonomics of the project was to keep production working and with very little site storage working on top of each other was difficult to avoid. However, the resulting facility from the original factory was a successful transformation and the new production cleanroom and 'painting areas' allow full viewing for visitors without entering the sensitive areas.