Beagle II Mars expedition facility

Cleanroom case study: The Open University

The Open University commissioned Bassaire to design and build the aseptic assembly facility for the Mars Lander.

The Mars mission to hopefully detect life by Christmas 2003 had total costs of over £40 million.

The cleanroom built by Bassaire gave conditions better than ISO Class 3 (Class 1) for the Lander assembly.

The project was such a success that the BBC produced a documentary. Within this they praised the fact the room was built within near impossible time restraints and has still resulted in one of the worlds cleanest rooms.

Bassaire constructed the full unidirectional room with over 500 air changes per hour; Bassaire also manufactured the full stainless steel LAF ceiling.

" I would like to thank Bassaire for the superb level of service you have shown us throughout the past decade.

The clean rooms you have supplied to us meet with the stringent criteria we specified and give us the trouble free service which is essential to our work. Engaged as we are in cutting edge research, our requirements can be very exacting as, for example, when you designed and constructed a sterile, carbon-free environment for Prof. Colin Pillinger to enable him to build Beagle II, Britain's first extra-terrestrial lander looking for life on Mars. You were charged with supplying this whilst working within limited budgets and to tight deadlines.

This you achieved with flying colours and such is its quality and reliability we are able to rent it out until we next require it.

Our mobile cleanroom is still giving sterling service eight years on and in its new location will turn out components for space craft for many years with a minimum of maintenance. The newest cleanroom you are reconstructing in our new physics lab, which you originally installed in Oxford, promises to be another triumph and we would not hesitate in using your company in the future for similar projects, or in recommending your services to others. "

Richard Jones
Estates Department, The Open University